Friday, 14 March 2014

From the other side...

Most of the times I find myself wandering aimlessly in to the world of thoughts. Thoughts... Another never ending phenomena! One goes and another comes. Sometimes I wish I could be thoughtless for a while, but even then the thought of 'I am being thoughtless now' is always there.

Anyways, this time around I have decided to sneak a peek in to the thoughts of others; friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else willing to share his side of the world through my blog.

And therefore, I am starting a series of guest blogs! I will be trying to get people from all walks of life here, people i have met at different times, different places and some that i haven't met as well! It will be incredible to see them sharing their passions, their journey and well yeah ... their THOUGHTS!!

Let's see who excepts my invitation first!