Thursday, 31 May 2012

Yes, the little bird has learnt to fly!!!

Unable to seize that raindrop running against the glass window next to my desk, i suddenly remembered those rains at home. Home ..sweet home!  The first monsoon splash that would come knocking on my rooftop and me and my partner in crime, my adorable sister, would barge out and rush to the rooftop.  Shruti, i prefer to call her takes me back to my childhood..when you call everybody by their nick names and first names...who cares about them then.
But, Shruti, with her heavy black hair neatly tied into two pleats, brings out the kid in me. We sing, we dance, we laugh out loud (literally). And then we call out on our third musketeer, Nanaji! Believe me, Grandparents are the best possible gift one can ever get. This is one bond that is nurtured by pure love. Love, without expectations, selfless, in its purest form...where they share every moment with you. So, we make him our official photographer and yes, he doesn't charge us for those everlasting photo sessions!! Blissful moments those were. Life felt as good as it can get. 

And then as i turned to the hibernated monitor screen, i said hello to this girl reflecting back from the blank screen. This image of a confident and independent girl waved the "hello" back to me. Right out of college, on her own, trying to make her way through the trodden lanes of adolescence...not easy..i would say..but steady and poised. Whoa.... i have grown up!!