Thursday, 8 May 2014

Me la alma errante.....

When I heard Eddie Vedder croon 'Long Nights' in the drop dead silence of a languid night, it struck a cord, 

Have no fear, For when I'm alone
I'll be better off than I was before

I've got this light, I'll be around to grow
Who I was before, I cannot recall

Long nights allow me to feel I'm falling, I am falling
The lights go out.
Let me feel I am falling, I am falling safely to the ground 

I will take this soul that's inside me now
Like a brand new friend, I'll forever know

I have got this light, and the will to show
I will always be better than before

Every word eloquently gave expression to my numb reverie. As Vedder's baritone profusely delineated my thoughts, i found myself staring into the dark horizon of the night, my thoughts.....wandering. 

There are days when i am full of random thoughts. Sometimes, i imagine myself to be a roadside Dhaba chef, listening to all the stories the vagabond truck drivers have to tell. Then there are days when i want to be a cobbler on the road, in wait of a shoe-struck pedestrian, waiting to showcase my immaculate art of stitching shoes. I am a backpack traveler on most of my days, sometimes awestruck at the majestic Ladakh mountains and sometimes gaping at slapdash palm trees along the beautiful backwaters of Alleppy. And at last, i just want to sit in front of the endless sea, communicating in silence with the ever-gushing waves, still and thoughtless. 

Yeah, i want to be a traveler!! An intrepid and jovial nomad, living on the road, under the roof of the azure sky, midst the bountiful nature. Growing with each pleasant day and each languid night. 
That's where my solace lies.